8 Instructions For Organizing A Cover Page For Your Homework Assignment

One of the things that makes some students earn more marks than the rest in class when it comes to assignments is the way the cover page is organized. Those who do it the right way usually score highly as the work looks neat and appealing. You can also try this. Simply adhere to the instructions below:

  • Mention the discipline
  • The assignment that will be given to you is very specific to a given discipline. Therefore, on your cover page, you have to mention whether it is a Math assignment or Chemistry. This will make it easy to be handed on to the appropriate teacher when collecting them.

  • Craft the title of the assignment
  • Initially, the teacher gives you the questions which you have to answer. Therefore, you need to formulate a title out of the question reflecting the specific thing that the teacher has requested you to do.

  • Include your name
  • The name of the writer has to appear. This should be both the first name and the sir name. They should be correctly written as they appear on your school identification card so that whenever a teacher wants to get to you, he or she can easily do that without encountering any problem.

  • Registration number
  • Your registration number should as well be correctly written and should come after the name. If you miss out on these, your work will be misplaced. Avoid using initials and write the full form of the number to avert confusing the person responsible for marking.

  • Do not forget to mention the name of the teacher
  • Each subject has a specific teacher who takes the entire class through it. Although it is possible to have more than one lecturer teaching the same discipline, you should stick to the name of the ne who assigned the work.

  • Correct spacing
  • You do not have to put everything together. It is always recommended that a student should spread out these details so that the page appears neat and well-organized.

  • Name of the institution
  • Depending on the college or the university you are pursuing your degree, Masters or PHD from, you must mention its name. This is to identify your work with that particular institution and annul from unnecessary confusion.

  • The date and signature
  • The date and sign should come last. The main function is to show the time the work was given and the date it was submitted so that in case of any problem, students can defend themselves.

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