How Ocean Pollution Causes Global Warming

There is an inextricable link between the people, the ocean and the climate. 60% of the world's population lives with 60 kilometers (37 miles) of the ocean. Oceanic sources produce half of the oxygen in the atmosphere and large sectors of the global economy depend on ocean-related commerce, including fisheries, tourism and shipping. To fulfill their basic caloric needs people rely on the ocean and some coastal peoples obtain 100% of their animal protein from its waters. The ocean is the life support system .On Earth, Oceans is considered as the largest water bodies. The marine life on the Earth’s oceans is greatly affected by surplus human activities over the last few decades and they will overshadow all other threats.

The emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from industry, transport and other human activities is the primary cause of these trends. International action to constrain emissions has been insufficient. Climate change and ocean acidification are an increasing threat to the ecological health and biodiversity of the marine environment. Environmental change might influence the marine environment in ways that would decline the danger of bio toxin harming from devouring fish and shellfish.

Bio toxins connected with hotter waters, for example, ciguatera in the tropics, could extend their reach to higher scopes. Hotter oceans will likewise energize more dangerous algal blossoms, which can be connected to human harming. Declining water amount and quality would bring about additional instances of the runs. Chemical pollution, decrease of freshwater runoff and other anthropogenic impacts are the climatic changes which may cause negative impacts in some part of the oceans.

Global warming is the major challenge for our global society. Researchers can measure and quantify that ways by which global warming is effecting the world around us. With each passing decade such changes will become more and more apparent. One of the most important possible reasons of global warming is total or partial disappearance of ice in Arctic Ocean.

The top priority to minimize future climate change must be cutting of greenhouse gas emissions; we should likewise plan to react to ways that our past outflows now make unpreventable. Individuals all over the place need to see how environmental change is going to influence them and what they can do to survive.

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